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Who is Chris?

Chris Nicholson, is a distinguished Real Estate Sales Representative with RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Group. He is known for his exceptional service and remarkably memorable qualities. Originally hailing from Richmond Hill and now residing in Stittsville, Chris brings a unique perspective to the world of real estate by leveraging his education and experience in sales and business.

Having completed a two-year Marketing course at Algonquin College, Chris's passion for the business field was evident from an early stage. In 2011, he made the pivotal decision to transition into real estate - merging his expertise with the dynamic world of business, sales and property transactions. With years of experience, satisfied clients, numerous transactions and a proven track record, Chris has established himself as a top-notch Realtor.

One of Chris's standout qualities is his undeniable charisma. His presence is both inviting and memorable, capturing attention effortlessly - making deals on your behalf almost too easy. Whether engaging in casual conversations or conducting business deals, his nature and sense of humor make interactions easy, enjoyable, and above all - meaningful.

Family is of utmost importance to Chris, and he cherishes the moments spent with his wife, two children, and their family dog. When not working, he dedicates his time to his loved ones, as well as enjoying recreational sports, hitting the gym, and savoring homemade meals (with the occasional pizza as a treat).

Chris's passion for real estate is fueled by his genuine desire to create a fulfilling life for the people who matter to him. As his client, you can rest assured that he will ensure your goals and priorities are met.


"Take care of those who take care of you."


His ability to connect with people and understand their needs sets him apart from any other Realtor. He prides himself in being a great listener, providing undivided attention, and working attentively alongside his clients to ensure their goals are met.

Chris is effective in solving problems for the benefit of others. He believes in direct communication and provides his clients with his personal attention, without any intermediaries. With a commitment to exceptional service, meeting goals, awareness of specific needs and arising circumstances, Chris is readily available to his clients, and able to provide the service that is tailored to them.


He is ALWAYS just a call, text, or email away.


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